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To begin with, there was nature, the immense spaces of her native Canada.
Then there was music, notes from a piano sounding like so much wind through fallen leaves. And then there was color, the thousandfold colors of Indian summer to the blue cold winters.
These sound images, these sensations have accompanied Louise Renaud from her childhood and have nourished her inspiration as a plasticien.
The drawings and paintings of Louise associate movement and color with a singular sense of graphism, a “forte” which leads a musical note.
Her sculptures depict both the human and the abstract. The organic forms of her furniture creations and other design objects (basins, lights, tables….) maintain the trace memory of both her hand and her raw materials. The creations of Louise are lightyears removed from computer assisted conceptual art.
Each piece is unique and is composed of human lines.
Louise Renaud lives and works in the heart of Belgium, in the hills of Brabant Wallon, just outside Brussels. She left Montreal as an adolescent and installed herself in France. She had always drawn but it was in the museums & expositions of Lyon & Paris that she had her artistic education. The old masters as well as the intimacy of Edouard Vuillard, the force of Rodin, the savagery of Francis Bacon and his tragic triptyques… Strengthened by these inspirations but also by her studies in anatomy in medical school, Louise developed a passion for the human and a special sensitivity to the alteration of time which has found a place in her sculptures.
In Belgium where she has been installed for 25 years, Louise has always maintained her two passion, art and music. Amateur pianist, yet with a fine sense of justesse, she was quick to put her energy to the service of promising young musicians. She coordinated the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, anchored in the contemporary music. Along with the Belgian composer Baudouin de Jaer, she launched the Cirque des Sons, an adventure of discovery and musical creation.
And as a result of her reflection on the difficulties encountered by young talents, she founded the Belgian Foundation for Young soloists in 2000, a crossing point between exceptional young talents and accomplished musicians.
Today Louise Renaud is still seated at her piano, music continues to irrigate her creativity but she has chosen to prioritize Art. She has studied painting with Linou Truffino, drawing at the fine Arts academy of St-Gilles with Patrick Pouillard, and sculpture under supervision of Quentin Smolders, Atelier de la rue Voot (Brussels). She has grasped and flowered in diverse 2D techniques and in sculpture, explored new materials such as synthetic bronze in collaboration with Roland Lefevre, professor and material alchemist at the CAD of Brussels which gave her liberty and autonomy.

Louise has presented her work in several exhibitions both in Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels, Lasne….) and France (Paris, Lyon).
Painting, sculpture and design are today the landscape of her life.