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In her painting Louise Renaud uses time-proven supports : Belgian linen and handmade paper, old school supports which she drives into the future. Her works are open narratives between abstraction and figuration. Her brush work is rapid. She works instinctivly without over-careful sketching in search of the special instant in which “bits of  truth” can be found. She describes her research as “the sense of movement and the capture of time” with the human envelope the primary subject. True for her painting, true for her sculpture.
Recently she has undertaken a series of maps on handmade molded paper which attempt to bridge the gap between sculpture and painting. “Whenever I’m in 2D I want to visit 3D”, she reportedly said to a local bus driver who nevertheless took her home.

Air Train Blue, watercolor on paper, 50x65 cm
Carta quasi una fantasiaWork on paperPaintings off the Beaten Track